Feeding Guidelines

Pedigree –

Paws up if you have always thought your dog chose his favourite dish based on smell or taste? Recent research by WALTHAM, a leading authority on petcare and nutrition, has shown that in actual fact, dogs prefer a diet that is high in fat and protein and lower in carbohydrate. Our wet food products have a similar nutrient breakdown, which explains why dogs love it so much!

All Pedigree® canned, pouch and dry complete products are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced if fed on their own or mixed together. The different formats of food deliver different benefits to your dog.

Dry food has lots of great health benefits. The crunch helps to sustain good oral health and it contains carbohydrate and fibre, which help their digestive system. It is so important to avoid overfeeding your pet and mastering portion control is the first step! Wet food contains moisture which is good for the urinary tract health of small dogs and is far less calorie dense than dry food. This enables you to feed a larger portion size that delivers the same number of calories! Helpful in avoiding accidental overfeeding.


Feeding Dog Guidelines
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Please Note: The amounts in the table are based on Pedigree adult maintenance food. The calorie density for food designed for small and large dogs is slightly higher than this, so it is recommended to reduce the amount stated in the table by approximately 3%.

If you’re worried that your dog may be overweight, we recommend feeding them wet food because dry food has about 4 times as many calories per gram.

Feeding a mixture of wet and dry food delivers not just great nutrition to your dog in a tasty meal but also delivers the health benefits from both wet and dry food. It allows you to give a more substantial meal with fewer calories than feeding dry alone, with the added enjoyment of greater taste and texture that your dog will love!

Unsure on how much you should be feeding your four-legged friend? Take a look at our helpful chart!

Whiskas – 

At Whiskas, we understand that every cat is different. This is why we love them! As your cat moves from kitten to adult to senior, it is so important that she is getting the right nutrients essential for her development. For example, 78% of cats in Ireland join families as kittens, it is crucial that Irish cat owners understand how to give them the best nutritional start. This first cat life stage is a vital time to build immunity and encourage growth!  Our brand new recipe is specially formulated to give your cat the diet they need at the age they need it. 

Mixing wet and dry complete and balanced cat food, appropriate for the cat’s life stage and lifestyle, is a great way to keep a cat happy and healthy. Wet foods are high in moisture and rich in protein and fat, dry foods contain more carbohydrate. The crunchy and dry consistency of kibbles also helps keep a cat’s teeth and gums healthy.


Did you know? Wet food contains about a quarter of the calories of dry food, which allows owners to give their cats larger meals with a reduced risk of overfeeding. Wet food delivers benefits for the urinary tract health of cats because of its high moisture content.

Owners typically like feeding their cat wet food as it looks like a more substantial meal. Dry food can help to mechanically remove dental plaque when the crunchy kibbles are chewed by the cat. There is a growing number of cats that are overweight, replacing some dry diet with wet food as part of their meal mix is one way to reduce calories consumed per meal.